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Momax Smart

Smart Gateway 2.0 (SL13S)


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Product Descriptions

Smart Home, Innovative Technology
The first local brand product supporting Matter, Smart Gateway 2.0, has become the true hub of smart homes, supporting cross-protocol and cross-platform connections, with ZigBee and Thread protocols, and can connect up to 128 different types of sensors. Through stable network connection and local automation function, it realizes a smarter and more convenient lifestyle.

Supports Matter and can achieve local scene control and linkage, and connect across protocols and gateways, with high intelligence and interoperability.
ZigBee and Thread protocols | By connecting stably to the network, it can easily integrate with other smart devices and services.
Automatic scene setting to realize the perfect home | According to the pre-set scene, customize your ideal home.
Voice control | Support for Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other smart assistant voice controls, convenient and fast, allowing users to easily control home devices and enjoy a more intelligent life.
Stable connection | Stable network connection and connection to devices and sensors
Momax Smart | With Momax Smart, you can control devices with your phone from a distance, without being limited by distance, realizing easy device control

2-year warranty

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Product Spec.

Includes Micro-USB charging cable (1 meter)
Ethernet cable 0.5 meters
Includes instructions and warranty
Input: 5V/1A, Micro USB port
Network connection: RJ45
Wireless standard: Zigbee/Thread
Support voice control: Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Material: Fireproof PC
Size: 90*90*22mm
Weight: 74g
Color: White