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Smart D Ultra-Air Plus IoT UV Hot & Cool fan (Toy Story) (AP7SUKWD1)

Air Purifier

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Product Descriptions

Built-in UV-C disinfection lamp can effectively kill 99.9%^ bacteria in the air (*Turn off automatically after one hour of opening, you can re-open the function according to personal needs)
H13 HEPA filter, professionally filter PM2.5 suspended particles, pollen, dust mites, aerosols, allergens
Intelligent constant temperature, built-in constant temperature sensor to adjust the indoor temperature and achieve energy-saving benefits
Air purification, cold and warm air are three in one, eliminating storage troubles
All-round loop air supply, adjustable 80° automatic swing and 30° front and rear air supply angle adjustment
Ultra-quiet design, silent operation as low as 40dB, bringing a quiet sleep environment
Customize the switching schedule through the HKBN Smart mobile app, perform the preset mode according to the weather, remote operation and Cantonese voice control*
Pixi beautiful design and Lausu/ Pisi App theme layout
Customer Comments:

"Novel design, multi-functional"

Product Spec.

Operating Voltage /Frequency : 200-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Rated Voltage / Frequency : 220V±10% ~ 50-60Hz
Rated Voltage : 2000W
Heater Voltage : 2000W
Cool Fan Voltage : 35W
Filter Type : H13 HEPA
UV-C Lifecycle : 10000 hour
Horizontal Oscillation : 80° ± 5°
Vertical Manual Adjustment : 30°
Auto-off Timer : 1 - 8 hours
Battery : Button cell lithium battery CR2025 (1pc)
Wireless WiFi Frequency : 2.402GHz - 2.480GHz
Wireless WiFi Distance : 10m
Cord Length : 1.8m
Size : 255mm x 255mm x 700mm
Weight : 4.6kg
H13 HEPA Filter
Remote Control with Button Cell Lithium Battery CR2025