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Mini-Cleanse IoT Vacuum Robot (RO2S)

Vacuum Robot

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Product Descriptions

1. FreeMove patented technology, wider sensing range, higher sensitivity, more effective in preventing stuck traps and malfunctions. Passing through a narrow space of 28cm is still easy to do
2. Built-in washable and reusable HEPA filter
3. 3 suction modes, suitable for all kinds of residential floors
4. 12mm obstacle crossing, easy climbing carpet and other common floor items
5. Momax smart app intelligent remote control, route setting edge, spiral, random or manual mode
6. Set the cleaning mode as you like, or automatically drive according to the weather
7. Virtual map drawing technology, after analyzing the environment, you can draw the space map of your home by yourself, avoid duplication or omission of a corner, and make it more comprehensive
8. Support Google Assistant, Google Alexa voice operation
Customer Comments:

"Clean and cost effective"

Product Spec.

-Battery type: 1800mAh Li-ion battery
-Rated voltage: 12.8V
-Power: 15W
-Dust box capacity: 550ml
-Suction power: low/medium/high (340/530/630Pa)
-Noise: 63-70dB
-Working time: 80-110mins
-Obstacle clearance: 12mm
-Climbing angle: 8°
-Applicable area: 40-50m2
-Adapter rated output: 19V/0.6A
-Dimensions: 280 x 280 x 80mm
-Weight: 2kg±0.2g
-Includes: charging base, side brush 4pcs, H11 HEPA filter 2pcs
1 year warranty