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Diet Tracker IoT Nutrition Scale (EW3S)

Diet Tracker

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Product Descriptions

Smart Nutrition Scale guides and tracks your daily diet in the smartest way. Equipped with high-quality management and 4 high-precision electronic sensors, it can provide accurate measurement for your diet. The slim design can save your storage space.

1. Analyze 25 nutritional values ​​| including vitamin D, calories, etc.
2. Has 200,000 food database support
3. Measuring precision with E-Sensor X4
4. Wireless pairing | Easy connection
5. MOMAX SMART APP | Intelligent Computing
6. Slim Symphony Design | 20mm thick, easy to store​​
Customer Comments:

"Accurate and convenient"

Product Spec.

-Power supply: 4.5V (AAA battery x3)
-Unit display: g, lb: oz, fl.oz, oz, ml
-Weighing range: 3-5000g
-Division value: 1g, 1ml, 0.05oz, 0.1 fl.oz
-Working temperature: 0-40℃
-Storage temperature: -10-60℃
-Wireless effective distance: 6m
-Dimensions: 200x 160 x 20mm
-Weight: 365±10g