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ChargeHub IoT Power Strip (US2S)

Power Strip

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Product Descriptions

Non-stop tracking device and battery
With smart power strips, you can easily use IoT applications to manage home equipment. It can also control individual devices to switch on and off at a specific time and track the power consumption of the device, which is especially suitable for busy office workers.

1. IoT smart App operation, remote control switch each socket, convenient and efficient
2. Support Google Assistant, Alexa voice operation
3. Save energy, set your own schedule and timer, and use it flexibly in your way
4. It can also track the power consumption of equipment and monitor the usage of each home appliance
5. Multiple safety protection, plug with fuse, extension board with software to detect load and automatically cut off power
6. Use fireproof materials, over current and short circuit protection, safer and more reliable
7. More power outlets, 4 sockets and 4 USB charging
8. Fashionable appearance Streamlined appearance, inclined socket, get rid of the inherent power strip style
9. Wall-mounted design, the base can be fixed on the wall or table
Customer Comments:

"Convenient Smart Control"

Product Spec.

Operating voltage/frequency: 230V ~ 50-60Hz, 2990W(max.)
Input current/power: 13A (max.)
Number of sockets: 4 x AC socket, 4 x USB charging dock
Rated USB output: 5V-2.4A (4.8A max.)
Wireless frequency: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Wireless distance: 10m
Material: PC 94V0
Cable length: 2m ± 0.2m
Size/weight: 380 x 70.5 x 44mm, 940g ± 50g
Support Google Assistant, Alexa voice operation