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Elite Cleanse IoT UV-C Vacuum Robot (RO5S)

Vacuum Robot

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Product Descriptions

360° Laser navigation, UV-C light and wet mopping gives you an extraordinary dusting experience. With MOMAX Smart App control, user can set a defined area and cleaning modes for an easy control.

Precise cleaning performance, user-friendly control, to meet the needs of users in different occasions
MOMAX Smart APP Control | Control the device and get the latest map scanning information
High Precision Laser Navigation Technology | Accurately scan the map of the room in 360°, together with SLAM AI technology, create the map of the room and cleaning route
Wet mopping and vacuum cleaning | Adapt on multi floor surfaces, control wet mopping level
UV-C Sterilization | UV-C light at the bottom of the machine to sterilize the bacteria on floor
Various cleaning modes | Cleaned by Auto/Spot/Partial/User-defined area and schedule cleaning
Restricted area | set one or more forbidden areas with APP
Consumables monitoring | Remaining life of the consumable parts are shown in APP
DND mode | The robot will not issue a cue tone under DND mode
Find Robot function and remote control | Search and control the robot easily at your home

Contains Elite Cleanse IoT UV-C Vacuum Robot
Contains Charging dock
Contains 2-in-1 electric-controlled water tank
Contains Side brush 4pcs.
Contains Roll brush 1pc.
Contains HEPA and sponge filter (1 set)
Contains Mopping cloth 2pcs.
Contains Cleaning brush 1pc.
Contains Instruction Manual and Warranty Card
Customer Comments:

"Elite Performance"

Product Spec.

Dimension: 350 x 350 x 100mm
Weight: 3.6kg
Color: Black