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Momax Smart

Smart Sensor Human presence sensor (SL12S)


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Product Descriptions

Radar Sensing, Precise Detection | Leading radar detection technology, capable of accurately detecting stationary human bodies, moving human bodies, and objects, with higher reliability and stability compared to traditional PIR sensors.
Extraordinary Range Sensing Ability | Able to detect up to 6 meters away, with a sensing angle of 180°/120°, achieving full coverage sensing in all directions.
Innovative Detachable and Foldable Base | The base can rotate 360 degrees and fold up to 45 degrees, adapting to various installation environments, with a simple and beautiful design that is easy to install and adjust. The base is also detachable, making it convenient for maintenance and replacement.
24-hour Light Source Sensing Function | Automatically adjusts according to the light intensity needs of different time periods. The lighting can be adjusted based on the light intensity, achieving more intelligent and energy-saving light control.

24m MFR Warranty

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Product Spec.

Input: 5V/1A
Input port: USB-C
Wireless protocol: Zigbee
Radar frequency: 24GHz-24.25GHz
Sensing distance: ≤6m
Light sensing range: 0-10000lux
Weight: 28g (without base), 65g (with base)
Size: 49.7*49.7*20.6mm
Package contents: USB-C to USB-C cable(2 Metor) , instruction manual and warranty card