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Smart D Health Tracker IoT Body Scale (Spiderman) (EW1SDD2)

Health Tracker

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Product Descriptions

Analyze 17 different body data^ to comprehensively monitor health conditions
Store health data of up to 10 users, suitable for family use
Use BIA (Bioimpedance Analysis)# technology for data measurement
4-point G-SENSOR sensor technology, more accurate measurement
Waterproof design (IP21)
Tempered glass panel, sturdy and durable
Only 28mm thick, easy to store
View daily data records and trend analysis through the HKBN Smart mobile app
^Includes weight, body fat, body water, body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, protein, skeletal muscle, bone density, fat mass, net weight, visceral fat, body age, muscle mass, muscle control, Fat control, body shape.
#Apply BIA (Bioimpedance Analysis) technology. A small amount of weak current flows through the human body to detect bioimpedance and estimate BMI, body fat, body water, muscle, bone and BMR. The above current is less than 0.5mA, but please note that anyone with a wearable or implantable medical electronic device, such as a pacemaker, must avoid using this device. This device is only suitable for healthy children and adults aged 10-17.
Customer Comments:

"Practical and convenient"

Product Spec.

Power Supply : 4.5V (AAA batteries X 3)
Water Resistant Level : IP21
Unit Display : kg/lb/st
Weighing Range : 5-180kg (max. weighing 183kg);11-396lbs (400lbs max. )
Accuracy Standard : 50kg (±0.3kg); 100kg (±0.4kg); 150kg (±0.5kg); 180kg (±0.7kg)
Wireless Frequency : 2412MHz - 2472MHz
Wireless Distance : 10m
Size : 300mm X 300mm X 28mm
Weight : 1.8kg (not including batteries)
Contains AAA batteries (3 pcs)