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Robust IoT UV-C Air Purifier (AP8S)

Air Purifier

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Product Descriptions

All-weather uninterrupted protection of health, all-round purification of ambient air
High-efficiency filtration system with built-in air quality sensor to detect PM2.6 suspended particles. With mute technology, it makes home and office more comfortable and healthy.
Customer Comments:

"UV + Hepa useful"

Product Spec.

Operating Voltage / Frequency : 100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated Voltage / Frequency : 220V±10% ~50Hz
Power : 50W
Effective Area : up to 40m3 (Depends on the air quality, the area is approximately 50m2)
CADR : 298m3/Hr
Filter Type : H13 HEPA & Active Carbon
(with antibacterial coating)
Filter Life Cycle : 2200 Hrs
UV-C Lifecycle : 10000 Hrs
Modes : Auto / High Speed / Silent Night Mode
Auto-off Timer : 2Hrs / 4Hrs / 8Hrs
Size : 270 x 303 x 562mm
Cable Length : 1.8-2m
Weight : 4.25kg
Wireless WiFi Frequency : 2.402GHz - 2.480GHz
Wireless WiFi Distance : 10m
Bluetooth : Yes
H13 HEPA & Active Carbon Filter