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Momax Smart

Smart Door & Window Sensor (SL9SW)


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Product Descriptions

More than detecting movements of your home, it further connects with your smart devices and enables you to automate your smart devices, such as light bulbs, desk lamps, air purifiers, and more to enrich the options of your own home scenarios settings. It helps you to achieves automatic home control.

Wi-Fi & ZigBee protocol | Stable connection through your Wi-Fi network
Detects when door or window opens | Able to send you an alert when the window or door is opened unexpectedly and ability to call the police or emergency services if you want
Automation based on scenario setting | Based on the pre-determined scenarios, you can customized your own ideal home
Secured position | With the 3M tape, it holds on the door or the window firmly
Stable connection | Stable Wi-Fi connection and reliable communications with the connected devices and sensors
Up to 100m ZigBee communications range | Depends on how many obstacles in-between
Up to 50m Wi-Fi connection range | Depends on how many obstacles in-between
Momax Smart App Control | Total smart home solution with multiple Momax smart devices

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Product Spec.

Wifi protocol: Wifi 2.4G protocol
ZigBee: 3.0
Power input: CR1632 battery*2
Size: 54x22.2x12.5mm
Weight: 22g
Accessories: CR1632 battery*1 (Pre-installed)