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Smart D Trio-Cleanse IoT UV-C Vacuum Robot (Captain America) (RO1SUKDD1)

Vacuum Robot

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Product Descriptions

Vacuum and wet mop
Powerful UV light, 99.99% sterilization in 2 seconds
Momax smart App, flexible phone remote control/automatic cleaning
Built-in washable HEPA H11 filter to filter air emissions
800pa-1800pa 3-stage suction

1. Gyroscopic navigation technology, recording cleaning paths
2. Infrared sensor anti-drop, anti-collision
3. 4 walking modes to improve cleaning performance
4. 2cm obstacle crossing
5. 15° climbing
6. The charging base has a built-in wire slot for neat storage
7. The operating time is about 1.8 hours (automatically returns to the base for charging)
8. English vocals and clear instructions
9. 600ml dust box, no need to buy a vacuum bag
10. 6mm thick tempered glass panel, strong and stylish

*According to the test report of the Hong Kong Certification Center
- Including 4 side brushes and 2 mops
- Dimensions/Weight: 350 x 350 x 80mm (3.1kg)
- Color: black

Hong Kong licensed, 1 year warranty

Customer Comments:

"Good quality, easy to use"

Product Spec.

- Rated Voltage : 14.4V
- Power : 30W (Vacuum Robot)
- Rated Power / Output : 11.4W (Charging Base)
- Water Tank Volume: 100ml
- Suction Force : 800Pa / 1300Pa / 1800Pa
- Noise Level : 40-68Db
- Working Time : 110 mins
- Climbing Angle: 15°
- Obstacle Crossing: 20mm
- Effective Area: 120m2
- UV-C Radiation: 3500-4000Um/cm2