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Momax Smart

Smart D Health IOT Body Scale (Mickey Mouse)

Health Tracker

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Product Descriptions

It can analyze 17 different body data, comprehensively monitor health status, use BIA (Bio-impedance Analysis) technology for data measurement, 4-point G-SENSOR sensing technology, more accurate measurement, strengthened glass panel, durable

Weight and calculate body's BMI | You can check 17 different body data analysis and automatically track daily data trends.
Application of BIA (biological impedance analysis) technology | When you step on the smart body fat scale, a micro current will pass through your body to automatically analyze various data of your body
Smart networking | Use HKBN Smart to connect smartly, measure various data and send them to your mobile phone through Wi-Fi, so you can check them anytime, anywhere
Extra-large display | Clearly visible when standing upright, so you can see your weight at a glance

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Product Spec.

Power supply: 4.5V (AAA batteries x3)
Weighing range: 5-180kg, max. weighing 183kg; (11~396lbs, 400lbs max. )
Accuracy standard: 50kg,±0.3kg; 100kg,±0.4kg; 150kg; ±0.5kg; 180kg,±0.7kg

Unit display: kg/lb/st
Compatibility: iOS/Android
Dimension: 300 x 300 x 21.5 mm
Weight: 1.8kg±5g
Material: ITO tempered glass
Water resistant level: IP21