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Momax Smart

Smart Air Pump IoT Electric Air Pump with Flash


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Product Descriptions

With the IoT connection, it can link with other smart home products to make your life easier. The inflator supports various air inflation modes, such as tires, balls and customized mode. Simply pull out the inflation hose to start. It will detect the pressure with the preset modes for precise inflation and stop automatically after completion. The touch screen and digital display enable easy operation and ensure a safe usage.

Various modes support daily inflatable supplies
Inflation pressure up to 150 PSI | Compatible with multiple nozzles
Easy to use touch screen | digitally accurate to detect air pressure
Automatic air inflation and interruption function | safe and easy operation
With a flashlight, you can rest assured that it can be used in emergency at night
Comes with a storage bag | easy to carry, USB-C charged
Equipped with 160mm trachea, ball needle, French air nozzle adapter and blister air nozzle

2years MFR Warranty
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Product Spec.

Input: 5V/2A
Battery capacity: 2000mAh/ 3.7V (14.8Wh)
Inflation pressure: 3-150PSI / 0.2-10.3 bar
Inflation speed: 15-20L/min
Noise: <86dB (1 meter distance)
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Operating temperature: ~0-60℃
Dimensions and weight: 155 x 62 x 39mm, 430g
Color: Black