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Momax Smart

Air Pure Duo IoT UV Hot & Cool Purifying Fan (AP16S)

Air Purifier

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Product Descriptions

A multi-functional all-in-one machine that combines various features such as bladeless fan, heater, air purification, and clothes drying. It utilizes the most advanced turbo air compression technology, which produces bladeless air flow that is safe and healthy. Additionally, it also has UVC sterilization function that effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses in the air, ensuring a healthy and comfortable home environment.

Quiet Bladeless Fan | Utilizing turbo air compression technology, this multi-functional home appliance effectively reduces the noise generated by the fan while producing a softer and gentler breeze.
Heater | During the winter season, this multi-functional home appliance can be used as a heater to provide you with a warm and comfortable environment, allowing you to enjoy a cozy winter.
Efficient Purification and Disinfection | Equipped with high-efficiency HEPA filters, plasma, and UV lights, this appliance effectively filters and disinfects the air, removing particles as small as 0.3 microns, including PM2.5, allergens, and other airborne pollutants.
Drying Function | This product can also be used to dry blankets and pets, making it very practical. It quickly removes moisture, allowing your blankets and pets to dry quickly.
Smart Home Automation: By connecting to MomaxSmart and using different sensors, this appliance can achieve full automation for your home.
Multiple Usage Scenarios | Cooling, heating, drying blankets, and drying pets, among others.
Fashionable and Simple Design | This appliance is suitable for various home styles.
High Efficiency and Energy Saving | This appliance uses more efficient motors and controllers, as well as optimized designs to reduce energy consumption.


Product Spec.

Wi-Fi Connection: 2.4GHz
Input: 220V
Power: 35W (cool) 1600W (heat)
Timer: 1-8 hours
Oscillation: 30-60-90±5 degrees Celsius
Air Purification Level (H13): 70-85 m3/h
Mode: Sleep mode, natural wind, strong wind, normal speed, heating, drying bedding
Speed: 10 levels of adjustable cool air (1-9 levels, strong wind)
Product Size: 49.7 x 49.7 x 20.6cm
Color: White
Accessories: Remote control, filter, bedding head, pet drying accessory, CR2025 battery.